Kentucky State Society
Children of the American Revolution

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Shown are some of the members who attended the State Summer Board Meeting and Workshop at the Mordecai Lincoln House.  This historic home is part of the Lincoln Homestead State Park in Washington County.

63rd Mid-Southern Regional Meeting - Louisville

   The Kentucky State Society hosted the annual Mid-Southern Regional Meeting on June 17-18 in Louisville at the Marriott East Hotel.  Members enjoyed learning about the new program materials under the leadership of National President Mackie Storage and the National Board.  They viewed skits, participated in workshops and team-building experiences.  They toured the SAR Headquarters and Slugger Museum in downtown Louisville.  Special thanks to region leaders Natl. Vice President Caleb Myers and Senior Natl. Vice President Heather Simpson for their planning and leadership in carrying out this meeting.

           Mission Statement

The National Society Children of the American Revolution trains good citizens, develops leaders and promotes love of the United States of America and its heritage among young people.

The Object of C.A.R.

The object of this Society shall be:

1.  To acquire knowledge of American history.

2.  To preserve and restore places of historical importance associated with men and women who forwarded American independence.

3.  To ascertain the deeds and honor the memories of the men, women and children who rendered service to the cause of the American Revolution.

4.  To promote the celebration of patriotic anniversaries.

5.  To honor and cherish the flag of the United States of America above every other flag.

6.  To love, uphold and extend the principles of American liberty and freedom.

C.A.R. Membership Inquiries

*To learn more about membership in C.A.R., please email for details and a referral to a society that is close to you.